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The Role Of Research, Technology Transfer, And Non-Core...

and investigators can become overvalued at the expense of more solid investigations. But in the realms of research, technology transfer, and non-core education, that universities have generally been more aware of the potential conflict with their traditional values. Overall Bok is quite skeptical of the promise of non-core education as a revenue generator for major universities and is basically afraid that these areas of revenue enhancement will go the way of athletics, becoming so ingrained into institutional practice that there is no way to govern them within the framework of such value. He noted that â€Å"all the brave talk of rendering residential campuses obsolete seems definitely premature† (p. ) but after reading Chapter 5 I believe†¦show more content†¦Having summarized the most likely areas of commercialization on campus, Bok spends the second half of the book explaining why and how the process leads to damaging consequences for many schools, and suggests how to avoid them. Bok lists three main dangers of commercialization: undermining academic values, damaging the academic community, and risks to institutional and professional reputations. Curriculum, he says, should be shaped by faculty, and not influenced unduly by political sentiment, powerful regents, or wealthy donors. The profit motive shifts this focus from supplying the best learning experience toward raising prices and cutting costs without losing customers. Such behavior sets the wrong example for students. Helping to develop virtue and build character have been central aims of education since the time of Plato and Aristotle. After years of neglect, universities everywhere have rediscovered the need to prepare their students to grapple with the moral dilemmas they will face in their personal and professional lives. In colleges and professional schools alike, courses on practical ethics are now a common feature of the curriculum (p. 109). He states in his book’s pre face, â€Å"I worry that commercialization may be changing the nature of academic institutions in ways we will come to regret. By trying so hard toShow MoreRelatedEssay on The Five Phases of a LPO Relationship1662 Words   |  7 PagesThe Five Phases of a LPO Relationship A new model of legal outsourcing is radically reshaping the role of different business functions such as human resources and call centers. Combining the benefits of cost reduction and process re-engineering, the LPO model maximizes ROI at an accelerated rate. A systematic planning and execution framework helps deliver the expected value. Your board says we have to keep containing costs. Or we must become more competitive. Or we must increase the performanceRead MoreUse Of Artificial Intelligence For Marketing And Branding Of Its Products Essay946 Words   |  4 Pages1. a) Apple- Apple is a company that rarely follows the innovations of its competitors. This idea is the core of why the brand is successful and different from other companies. Their products like Macintosh, iPad etc. stand out from others in appearance, functionality etc. b) Google- Google differs from its competition in its features, tools, design and search results it provides which is far better than others. It has variety of unique products like os, and Android. The use of artificial intelligenceRead MoreChanges in Society, Culture and Technology and Their Impact on Human Capital1747 Words   |  7 PagesCHANGES IN SOCIETY, CULTURE AND TECHNOLOGY AND THE CONSEQUENT IMPACT ON HUMAN CAPITAL 2. The changes in society specifically are transformations in society, culture and technology. Social changes include any alteration in the society in terms of cause and effect of intra social relations, or the institutions of family and marriage and other such cultural aspects. Change is absolutely inevitable and it is largely unplanned. The four major factors encompassing the social changes are:- (a) Change isRead More Managing Library Education Essay4509 Words   |  19 PagesManaging Library Education Managing for change is just as controversial in library schools as it is in corporations.The advances in technology over the past decades have forced library schools to educate technologically astute librarians.At the same time, many educators fear that the emphasis on technology may be eroding the concepts of service that have always been a part of the profession.The issue of incorporating technologies into a core curriculum without eviscerating the historical andRead MoreForeign Investment And Expanding Trade Relations1550 Words   |  7 Pagesinward-looking economic policies to change the trajectory of decades long stagnated economies forced countries to adopt outward-looking trade policies and market economy. As a result, attracting foreign investment and promoting exports emerge to be the core economic and trade strategies. Foreign investment is believed to provide multidimensional benefits to the host economy both directly and indirectly. The main direct benefit is the capita l inflow that fills the finance gap between the required investmentRead More Constructivism and Instructional Design Essay2197 Words   |  9 PagesConstructivism and Instructional Design Constructivism is currently enjoying popularity as a new theory in education. In reality, the theory traces its roots through Piaget and Dewey to Kant. Constructivists align their beliefs with Kant’s writings on the interaction of the innate mind structures with the world. The individual can never know the world-in-itself, only the world as it is constructed in the individual’s experience. Piaget traced his constructivist roots to Kant but PiagetRead MoreIntroduction And Design Of The Study3388 Words   |  14 PagesOver the last few decades information technology has played an important role in Indian economy. It has affected all the industries especially the banking industry and has provided a way for the banks to differentiate their products and services. The traditional way of financial services delivered to customers called the branch based operations which had been used by the banks for more than 200 years, has been replaced by the advent of multiple technol ogies and application. For instance, AutomatedRead MoreIntroduction And Design Of The Study3388 Words   |  14 PagesOver the last few decades information technology has played an important role in Indian economy. It has affected all the industries especially the banking industry and has provided a way for the banks to differentiate their products and services. The traditional way of financial services delivered to customers called the branch based operations which had been used by the banks for more than 200 years, has been replaced by the advent of multiple technologies and application. For instance, AutomatedRead MoreEssay on Technology in the Classroom: Elluminate Live1681 Words   |  7 PagesElluminate Live The VLE teacher technology tool selected is Elluminate Live. This technology is easy to use, flexible and a very effective tool for online learning. In utilizing synchronous learning, the student will feel less isolated and more motivated to participate. There will be contact with both the facilitator and other students. Elluminate Live is used in real-time and functions within a collaborative environment supported through demonstration. Participants have access to many featuresRead MoreCultural Implications of Transfer of Hr Practices in Mncs5373 Words   |  22 PagesTransfer of Human Resource Management Practices in Multinational Corporations: A Perspective Authors Dr. Daleep Parimoo Associate Professor, School of Business Studies Sharda University, Greater Noida, U.P Ms. Fehmina Khalique Research Scholar at Sharda University and Visiting Faculty At Global Institute of Information Technology Greater Noida, U.P Abstract: With the advent of globalization and liberalization, the

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Censorship or Responsibility Which is the Lesser of Two...

What If the entertainment that people indulged in was suddenly taken away in a flash and replaced by what the government believes is more appropriate? Government censorship is a hot topic that has surfaced once again. Many citizens of the country believe that the government should get involved in the censoring of video games, because many crimes committed by youths have been linked to violent video games, or so it seems. The truth is that there has never been any case declaring that there is a link between the two. Government censorship is not the answer to solving this problem. Although, the opposition does have a valid point: children shouldn’t be allowed to purchase games that they are not old enough to understand on an emotional and†¦show more content†¦Censorship is an extreme solution for an issue like this. Censorship is the act of someone supervising the manners or morality of others (Coleman). Morality is all opinionated though, just like people’s view s on videogames. Many adults would most likely care less if games were censored because they had no interest in them in the first place. On the other hand, there is an abundance of adults who enjoy games on a regular basis. It is in supporters of game censorship’s opinions that censoring mature content of games will protect their children from the game. In a way though, it is sometimes the parents fault if their children play it anyway. It’s illegal for stores to sell adult games to minors (ESRB). Therefore if a child is playing an adult game, then it is possible that the child’s parent is the one who accidentally bought it for them. If this is the case, then the game developers are not at fault, but rather the parent is for buying it in the first place. The censorship of games is an idea that will remove many citizens’ rights to freedom of choice and expression. If a game developer wants to make a violent game intended for an adult audience, then they sh ould be allowed to do so. Developers have the same rights as every other person in the country, so removing their rights to create is a crime in itself. The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) have said in an official statement: Limiting forms of expression in video games limits the expression ofShow MoreRelatedThe Offshoring Debate in a Small Organization1994 Words   |  8 Pagesrisks involved in outsourcing, risks that go far beyond the boundary of the single organization in questions. There are a number of major benefits of outsourcing. Smaller companies can dabble in outsourcing, but often not so much in offshoring, which often requires higher initial costs despite the overall costs savings (Kumar Salzer 2010). Essentially, outsourcing focuses on using lower labor costs to get production done in other countries where costs are not as high as the United States (StuartRead More Media vs. Parenting Essay3077 Words   |  13 Pagesline from purely reporting the news and get into the realm of creating attention by broadcasting sensational news. As you can see when we begin to try and place the problem of violence in society on the media, it creates many more problems, none of which have clear and easily definable answers.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In my opinion, not all media is bad for children. As I have already stated, I believe that, yes some types of media are bad for children. However to a certain extent, I believe that in most cases itRead MoreExploration of English Law2232 Words   |  9 PagesRights Act 1998 (HRA) which implements the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) into English law, which came into force on 2 October 2000. In accordance with the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty, the HRA has no higher status than other Acts of Parliament. It is not possible for courts to override primary legislation that is incompatible with convention rights, or to declare it unconstitutional. This is portrayed in s 4 of the act which empowers the courts toRead MoreGp Essay Mainpoints24643 Words   |  99 Pages GP NOTES 2010 (ESSAY) Content Page 1. Media a. New vs. Traditional b. New: narcissistic? c. Government Censorship d. Profit-driven Media e. Advertising f. Private life of public figures g. Celebrity as a role model h. Blame media for our problems i. Power + Responsibility of Media j. Media ethics k. New Media and Democracy 2. Science/Tech a. Science and Ethics b. Government and scientist role in science c. Rely too much on technology? d. Nuclear technologyRead MoreThe Censorship of Art Essay example14698 Words   |  59 PagesThe Censorship of Art While the censorship of art is not a new phenomenon, recent years have witnessed renewed and intensified attempts to control popular culture. In particular, rap and rock music have come under increasing attack from various sides representing the entire left and right political spectrum, purportedly for their explicit sexual and violent lyrical contents. In this paper is investigated which moral codes underlie these claims against popular music, how social movements mobilizeRead MoreRay Bradbury s Fahrenheit 4514443 Words   |  18 Pageswithout giving it a thought. As the novel continues, Montag realizes that books are not bad and tries to save them. He remembers a time when fire was not a destructive force; fire was also a source of warmth and comfort. In this novel, fire represents two opposing forces, depending on how it is used. The firemen use it to destroy, but Montag learns that it gives a source of a warm and comforting affect when used correctly. Chapter 1 -- Every Trip Is a Quest (Except When It’s Not) The five aspects ofRead MoreHistory of Theatre Lesson Notes Essay5401 Words   |  22 Pagesrelationship between two types of beings-god and humans-and the tension between the roles assigned to each, world came to be seen primarily from the human point of view-as a place of conflict, change, and progress-with humanity as the principal agent both for good and evil. Eastern myth-people seek to transcend temporal limitations and achieve oneness with the mystery of being, in which all divisions-including human and divine-disappear, eastern view encourages a conception of world order in which all duties/roles/possibilitiesRead MoreFreedom of Speech, Comparing Freedom of Expression in the Statutory Law and the Sharia Law19992 Words   |  80 PagesIntroduction Getting in touch with media law during the first semester of my Masters gave me a sense of the importance of law in general because it consists of acts and articles which organise most issues in the human’s life in a way that protects ethics and morals. Regardless of the hypocrisy and double-standards of the countries which raise high the slogan of Human Rights, I liked the Human Rights Conventions that were laid down by these countries. Therefore, I decided to research some points in theseRead MoreDecriminalizing Libel5992 Words   |  24 Pagescommunication made by any person to another in the performance of any legal, moral or social duty; and 2. A fair and true report, made in good faith, without any comments or remarks; of any judicial legislative or other official proceedings which are not of confidential nature, or of any statement, report or speech delivered in said proceedings, or of any other act performed by public officers in the exercise of their functions.[7] In determining whether a statement is defamatory, theRead MorePeculiarities of Euphemisms in English and Difficulties in Their Translation19488 Words   |  78 Pageseuphemisms in the English language. Euphemism (from Greek word meaning â€Å"to use words of good omen†: eu= well+ pheme = speaking) is the substitution of words of mild or vague connotations for expression rough, unpleasant. Euphemisms are words or phrases which can not be understood literally. Euphemism is sometimes figuratively called â€Å"a whitewashing device. Euphemism is used to replace an unpleasant word or expression by a conveniently more acceptable one. For example the word to die has the following

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How to Write an Illustrative Essay - the Story

How to Write an Illustrative Essay - the Story What How to Write an Illustrative Essay Is - and What it Is Not The trick is to choose a topic that you can argue for or against its existence. Stem cell research is indispensable to advancement in medicine and treatment of several diseases and conditions. Those examples are essentially utilized to represent your point of view regarding the issue. Get the Scoop on How to Write an Illustrative Essay Before You're Too Late Unlike other more formal essays, illustration essays provide the writer a chance to express and elaborate on a. Specialty of this kind of paper is, it uses a lot of examples to spell out the main. Such a paper is normally called the example essay as you would use a good deal of examples and illustrations to demonstrate your thoughts and explain them to your readers. A common format needs to be followed as you are writing an illustration essay. Should you pick something interesting which you can find illustratio n essay format. On-line illustration essay is supported by concrete and offer interesting that you are able to find illustration essay. Normally, the introduction includes a lead-in and a thesis statement. Composing lots of writing and as soon as you can find illustration essay uses examples. Who Else Wants to Learn About How to Write an Illustrative Essay? Furthermore, a personal statement isn't a bit of academic writing. Therefore, many students and employees decide to obtain inexpensive essay rather than writing it themselves. Think about this procedure as only an artist doing his job. The outline is the fundamental structure and road map which you will utilize to organize your thoughts and give a correct shape to your paper. Illustration key is to choose an illustration that one may argue for or against its existence. Learn how to compose an illustration is most likely one of the simplest forms of smoking. Since illustration requires the use of certain examples to support an overall t ime, you will want to look at how you are going to offer support for the American symbols that you select. You're able to use a hyperlink or quotation to find out more. From time to time, instead of presenting facts, you may use a story to validate your point in one of the paragraphs. Lastly, the previous sentence of the introduction paragraph ought to be the thesis statement. It can be difficult to use a productive evidence. The solution needs to be proper and feasible. You do not have to be concerned about your personal details that may be viewed, as we handle the matter on a safe network. Need help you wish to show, writing service. Additionally, a customer may ask the writer to submit part of the job for review and, if needed, ask her or him to make corrections. What Is So Fascinating About How to Write an Illustrative Essay? It is possible to also read your essay to other individuals to receive their feedback. Put simply, it illustrates or demonstrates an idea or so mething about the topic through the usage of examples. There are a few transitional phrases and words you may utilize to present the evidence. Thus, it's useful to have a whole list of words and phrases it's possible to apply to present every bit of evidence. Among other kinds of essays, it is among the simplest to write. This article suggests fifteen questions you are able to concentrate on in your essay. Once you are finished with your research on the subject of your interest, develop a step-by-step instruction on another paper. You're able to use expert written papers and higher quality examples to comprehend the style, approach and tone you want to adopt in your paper. The Key to Successful How to Write an Illustrative Essay If you are working to start with illustration is supplying a good, and beliefs. If you bear in mind the subject regarding your readers, you will raise your likelihood of producing an effective illustration paper. A very long narrative about your i ndividual feelings about winter may appear relevant to the topic, but it doesn't prove that the majority of people hibernate. You can begin with a particular person and go on telling his achievements and contribution to the society in the principal body and wind up with the largest contribution he could have made towards the humanity. An illustration essay is utilised to show your point by way of examples. Discover what topic will be interesting that you write about. When possible, it's a fantastic notion to provide examples that illustrate various angles on the subject. You need to have a definite idea about what you wish to say if you would like to be in a position to support it. Make sure to wholly explain all the examples you're using. You then need to continue to supply examples and certificates that will support your dissertation, based on how they're categorized. Do not be hesitant to utilize it. At precisely the same time examples ought to be reasonable. The Bene fits of How to Write an Illustrative Essay Additionally, the essay can be called an example. You can also use a blend of real, hypothetical and typical examples to generate your essay more capturing and remarkable. While any rhetorical devices utilized in your essay will elevate the caliber of your writing and strengthen your argument, there are a few that work particularly well with the intention of the personal statement. Once you choose this issue and paper format, you will need to create an outline. One of the greatest approaches to make certain you compose an illustrative essay properly is to acquire a great example. Writing an illustration essay is not a really tough task if you remember the principles of writing a good essay. It is easier than you think. Creating an illustration essay is simpler than you would like to compose an illustration essay.

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Customer Perceived Value free essay sample

Customer Perceived Value – A Literature Review Introduction The concept of value exists back from the days where people begun engaging in exchange activities, however, it was only recently when both academics and practitioners realised the importance of delivering superior value to customers in order to achieve competitive advantage (Ulaga and Chacour, 2001; Khalifa, 2004; Lindgreen and Wynstra, 2005; Hansen et al. ,2008). In the following section, a literature review upon the issue of customer perceived value will be performed by looking at the key theories developed in an attempt to address this topic. Literature Review There have been various different contributions when it comes down on defining customer perceived value. For example, some academics tend to look upon the issue of creating value from a functional point of view whereas some others prefer to focus mainly on the monetary value of the equation. Nevertheless, despite the relative differences that exist within the various definitions one can identify common grounds between them such as the importance of competition, the multiple components of value and the subjectivity of value perceptions (Eggert and Ulaga, 2002). Broadly speaking, customer perceived value is the difference between the total perceived benefits such as product, service, personnel and image values; and the total perceived costs such as monetary, time, energy and psychic costs (Lapierre, 2000; Kotler and Keller, 2006; McDougall and Levesque, 2000). CPV=Total Benefits (product, service, personnel, image)Total Costs (monetary, time, energy, psychic) The evolving literature on customer perceived value is concerned with theory and methods of adding value to the customer either by attempting to enhance some, or if possible all of the elements of the perceived benefits shown above; or by trying to reduce the perceived costs of the equation. The different contributions on the attempt of defining customer perceived value hat was mentioned earlier on concerns both academics and practitioners; each one of them focusing on different elements of the equation, while acknowledging the existence of the rest of the elements. Customer Perceived Value: a focus on Personnel, Time, Energy and Psychic elements of the equation Most academics acknowledge the shift in marketing from a purely transactional to a more of a relationship one (Hollensen, 2010; Gronroos, 2004; Ravald and Gronroos, 1996; Ulaga and Chacour, 2001). As a consequence, some major contributors on the literature of customer perceived value engage upon the issue of value from a relationship point of view. In particular, while acknowledging major elements of the customer’s perceived value equation such as the product quality and features for instance, the focus from a relationship approach falls mainly upon the elements of personnel, time, energy and psychic. Customer’s perceived value from such an approach may be enchanted by training our personnel to engage in effective close relationships with customers; before, during and after each transaction in order to enchant positively their experience of acquiring a product or service. At the same time, this creates opportunities for long term relationships which would consequently, if handled well, develop customer loyalty and reduce the perceived costs of customers by eliminating psychic costs such as their perceived risk of acquiring new products or services; or by reducing time and energy efforts of searching for alternatives. As a result from the above, long term relationships of suppliers with customers is considered to be a key in reinforcing customers perceived value and consequently achieve competitive advantage (Ravald and Gronroos, 1996; Woodruff et al. , 1997; Gronroos, 2004; Lindgreen and Wynstra, 2005). Customer Perceived Value: a focus on Product and Service elements of the equation While acknowledging the contribution and importance of a relationship approach and its effect on customer’s perceived value, some academics draw their attention on product and service quality elements through the so alled total quality management (Kotler and Keller, 2006). More specifically, there have been strong arguments based on extensive research which support the theory that factors affecting product and service quality are indirectly affecting customer’s perceived value and are therefore positively related and extremely important in enhancing the value equation (Groth and Dye, 1999; Heinonen, 200 4; Yu and Fang, 2009; Jayawardhena, 2010). On the other hand, there has been criticism on the above argument of product and service quality models, arguing that elements of extreme importance such as the customer’s perception of costs and price have not been taken into account while evaluating total customer’s perceived value (Ravald and Gronroos, 1996; Ulaga and Chacour, 2001). Customer Perceived Value: a focus on the element of Image In addition to the above literature on customers perceived value, important contributions have been added to the topic by drawing our attention at the element of image on the value equation. The corporate image, the brand of an organisation and its reputation in general offer unique propositions to a product or service and consequently, customer’s perceived value is high and are therefore willing to pay extra even if the features or quality of these unique products or services do not support the price paid (Hansen et al. 2008; Yu and Fang, 2009). However, the above argument has been severely criticised for not taking into account basic principles of different perceptions of needs and wants from individual to individual. This takes us back on the famous pyramid of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, identifying that each individual has different needs and wants that need to be satisfied and that individuals are not homogeneous; therefore each customer perceive different values within the same product or service (Ulaga and Chacour, 2001; Yu and Fang 2009). For example, an individual that is interested in fulfilling esteem and self-actualisation needs would most probably be willing to pay the extra costs for acquiring a Rolex watch, whereas a customer looking to fulfil most basic needs would be equally satisfied by acquiring a much cheaper watch in order to be able and keep track of the time. Consequently, it becomes evident from this example that the customer’s perception of value for the Rolex watch differs from one individual to nother. The former’s perceived benefits of acquiring the Rolex watch exceeds the perceived costs because he/she attempts to satisfy esteem and self actualisation needs and therefore the value of this product is high; whereas the latter’s perceived benefits of acquiring the same watch are inferior to his/her perceived costs because he/she is only looking to satisfy basic needs and consequently, the perceived value for the exact same watch in this case is negative. Conclusion Drawing on a conclusion from the above literature that has emerged in respect to the customer’s perceived value, one can identify clearly that the arguments put forward are not substitutes to each other, on the contrary, all the different approaches are complementing one another in order to help both practitioners and academics explore the full potential of the multiple components of value. Having said that, bearing in mind the empowerment of the customer throughout the years (CIM, 2007), customers are now in control of marketing and the market world is constantly shaping according to their expectations. Therefore, according to my personal opinion and based on Gronroos and other academics’ contribution in relationship marketing; I am deeply convinced that we need to draw our attention in building effective long term relationships with customers in order to help us forecast their expectations and be able to enhance their perceived value of a product or service effectively and efficiently, without taking important elements such as quality and features out of the equation. REFERENCES CIM, (2007), â€Å"Tomorrow’s word: Re-evaluating the role of marketing†, The Marketer Eggert, A. nd Ulaga, W. (2002), â€Å"Customer perceived value: a substitute for satisfaction in business markets? †, Journal of Business Industrial Marketing, Vol. 17, No. 2/3, pp. 107-118 Flint, D. J. , Woodruff, R. B. and Gardial, S. F. (1997), â€Å"Customer Value Change in Industrial Marketing Relationships: A Call for New Strategies and Research†, Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 26, pp. 163-175 Gronroos, C. (2004), â€Å"The relationship marketing process: communication, interaction, dialogue, value†, Journal of Business Industrial Marketing, Vol. 9, No. 2, pp. 99-113 Groth, J. C. and Dye, R. T. (1999), â€Å"Service quality: perceived value, expectations, shortfalls and bonuses†, Managing Service Quality, Vol. 9, No. 4, pp. 274-285 Hansen, H. , Samuelsen, B. M. and Silseth, P. R. (2008), â€Å"Customer perceived value in B-t-B service relationships: Investigating the importance of corporate reputation†, Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 37, pp. 206-217 Heinonen, K. (2004), â€Å"Reconceptualizing customer perceived value: the value of time and place†, Managing Service Quality, Vol. 14, No. 2/3, pp. 05-215 Hollensen, S. (2010), â€Å"Marketing Management: A Relationship Approach†, 2nd ed. Edinburgh: FT Prentice Hall Jayawardhena, C. (2010), â€Å"The impact of service encounter quality in service evaluation: evi dence from a business-to-business context†, Journal of Business Industrial Marketing, Vol. .25, No. 5, pp. 338-348 Khalifa, A. S. (2004), â€Å"Customer value: a review of recent literature and an integrative configuration†, Management Decision, Vol. 42, No. 5, pp. 645-666 Kotler, P. and Keller, K. L. (2006), â€Å"Marketing Management†, 12th ed. New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall Lapierre, J. (2000), â€Å"Customer-perceived value in industrial contexts†, Journal of Business Industrial Marketing, Vol. 15, No. 2/3, pp. 122-140 Lindgreen, A. and Wynstra, F. (2005), â€Å"Value in business markets: What do we know? Where are we going? †, Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 34, pp- 732-748 McDougall, G. H. G. and Levesque, T. (2000), â€Å"Customer satisfaction with services: putting perceived value into the equation†, Journal of Services Marketing, Vol. 14, No. 5, pp. 392-410 Ravald, A. and Gronroos, C. 1996), â€Å"The value concept and relationship marketing†, European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 30, No. 2, pp. 19-30 Ulaga, W. and Chacour, S. (2001), â€Å"Measuring Customer-Perceived Value in Business Markets: A Prerequisite for Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation†, Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 30, pp. 525-540 Yu, H. and Fang, W. (2009), â€Å"Relative impacts from product quality, service quality, and experience quality on customer perceived value and intention to shop for the coffee shop market†, Total Quality Management, Vol. 20, No. 11, pp. 1273-1285

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Morals Essays - Demographics, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Generation X

Morals That's Extreme Dude! If a person that never lived in the twentieth century visited 1997 for just one day, he or she would probably think that we are all trying to kill ourselves. Everything from sports, to music, to advertisements is extreme these days. People are doing things in sports that have never been attempted and are seemingly crazy. In advertising, people of this decade are portrayed as risk-takers, and dare-devils. There seems to be little regard for safety and a lot of regard for fun. I think that advertisers have grasped what this decade is all about, and I am proud to be a member of Generation X. Not everyone in this world is a risk-taker. I would say that most people try to live their lives peacefully and without very much drama. But, it is impossible to ignore the people who live their lives on the edge with No Fear. A clothing company called No Fear has had much success in selling shirts to the worlds youth. They have been so successful because that is the exact attitude of Generation X. Don't worry, be Happy, and Live life to its fullest are all catch phrases of this generation. People just want to have fun, and they find new and exciting ways to do it. Sports are a great example. The cable network ESPN hosts an event every year called the Extreme Games. It is a festival that lasts one week which involves sports that most sane people would never try at home. These sports include, skateboarding, in-line skating, sky-surfing, and street luge. Most of these sports are new to the 90's. While these games are being held, other advertisers have a field day. The soft drink company Mountain Dew ran commercials that said, Nothing is more intense than slamming a Dew. It also had many female actors in its advertisements in which they wore grungy clothes, nose piercings, and heavy make-up. This showed that women can be extreme too, and should not be counted out in Generation X. Pepsi has also gotten into the mix by its Generation neXt ads. They portray people doing wild and fun things with alternative music in the background. They Pepsi ads are very similar to the Mountain Dew ads. A good example that shows how big of an effect Generation X is having on the world is the Olympic games. Traditional sports that once got most of the attention during the games are losing ground to new venues which are being added all of the time. Olympians can now medal in sports like snowboarding, and mountain biking. Adding these sports to the Olympics meant a lot. It said to the world that these new extreme sports are real, and are here to stay. Just like the people of Generation X. In addition to sports, the music industry has changed by leaps and bounds. There is a radio station in Las Vegas called, X-treme Radio. The music played on that station is much more vibrant and exciting. It may not have to be appealing, but it is fast and intense. Many people such as Marilyn Manson have risen to the top by selling their music which involves violence and other things never mentioned in musical lyrics before. This is typical of Generation X, because we are a generation of people who are not afraid to speak our minds. This can be good and bad. It is good because, I believe that having the freedom of speech is what it truly means to be free. It is bad because these bad things being said are often about killing, stealing, drinking, and doing drugs, and young people hear it all. Another industry catching on to this extreme attitude is the automobile manufacturers. Cars are getting faster, and their designs are looking more and more aggressive. Most car advertisements feature young people having fun, while taking their trucks to the mountains to do extreme sports. The car manufacturer Saab has had the slogan, find your own road. This slogan is appealing to people of Generation X because that is what we are all about; finding ourselves, and doing things that have never been done before. The world is exciting and full

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Words that Go Together with Fashion

Words that Go Together with Fashion Words that usually go together are known as collocations. Learning collocations will help expand your vocabulary especially when using English for Specific Purposes. This lesson uses the word fashion as an example of how you can use collocations to improve your English. Youll find a list of expressions used with fashion, a short story and example sentences to help you begin using these words to practice speaking about fashion. Heres a short introduction about fashion to begin: All the Latest Fashions The world of fashion is fascinating. Of course, theres all the latest fashions which can range from weird looking contemporary fashion, to popular fashions that you can find in all the shopping malls. One thing thats true about fashion is that it things come into fashion as quickly as they fall out of fashion. To be a fashionista, you better be able to keep up with the latest fashions coming out of Paris, New York and Milan.   Some people like to hold onto things that come back into fashion. Its certainly cheaper in the long run, but it will take quite a while for the fashion cycle to turn! Personally, I dont even try to follow fashions as Im too old for that sort of thing. However, I enjoy watching my daughter follow fashions and even set fashions amongst her friends.   New Fashions contemporary  currentlatestmodernpopular Im amazed at some of the contemporary fashion.  Current fashion focuses on very young adults.Youll spend a huge amount of money if you buy the latest fashions.Im surprised by some modern fashions.  Popular fashions dont need to be followed by those in their fifties. Verbs: Becoming Fashionable be in fashioncome into fashionbecome fashionableset fashionsstart fashionskeep up with fashionfollow fashionswear fashions Whats in fashion this year is different than last year.When did those shorts come into fashion?What do you think it will take for me to become fashionable?Beautiful young women and men often set fashions without knowing it.I try to keep up with fashion, but its breaking my bank account!Jennifer follows fashion by buying all the glamour magazines.Im afraid I cant afford to wear the latest fashions. Verbs: Going out of Fashion fall out of fashionbe out of fashiongo out of fashion Those jeans feel out of fashion ten years ago.Big sunglasses have definitely gone out of fashion.She likes to wear clothes that are out of fashion. I guess shes rebelling. Verbs: Fashion Cycles - Returning into Fashion come back into fashionbe back in fashion   Those skirts have come back into fashion this season. Im wearing my moms from thirty years ago!Did you know hats are back in fashion? Places to See Fashion fashion showsfashion shootsfashion magazinesfashion spreads in magazinesfashion runways Fashion shows are held in major cities around the world.The magazine is having a fashion shoot in Hawaii.Fashion magazines which feature fashion spreads weigh a ton!Youll see glamourous models on fashion runways.Have you ever been to a fashion show? The Business of Fashion fashion businessfashion industryfashion marketfashion tradefashion retailerfashion boutique / store / shopfashion designfashion photography Fashion business is big money, dont doubt it!The fashion industry is one of the hardest to break into.  The fashion market is very quick to change directions.He works in the fashion trade designing mens suits.Fashion retailers provide models for aspiring actresses.You can buy those jeans in your local fashion boutique.Beautiful fashion design depends on understanding the details.Good fashion photography can make all the difference in setting a trend. Fashion Businesses fashion brandsfashion companiesfashion houses  fashion labelsfashion lines Fashion brands are more important than well made clothing.Fashion companies drive billions in sales every year.Fashion houses from Europe set the trends by dressing stars in spectacular gowns.Fashion labels increase the price of any piece of clothing by more than 30 percent.Fashion lines are created by individual fashion designers. People in Fashion fashion editor  fashion designerfashion photographerfashion stylistfashion maven A fashion editor makes the final decision on whether a model will be presented in a magazine.A fashion designer is responsible for creating new clothing designs.Youll need a good fashion photographer to become successful with your designs.A fashion stylist is almost as important as a fashionable dress.The fashion maven decides what will become fashionable. FInally, learn how to use a collocation dictionary to build your own keyword lists. Teachers can learn more about using collocations on this lesson on using chunking to build vocabulary skills with set phrase.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Ethics Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Ethics Paper - Essay Example Many people rudely refer to this disability as retardness. People also have the tendency to discriminate those that they feel to be different from them (Anon, 2013). It is important to pay attention to mental disability as one of the many types of disabilities present in the school system alongside other disabilities in identifying how to school counselors help these students. Poor performance is one of the vast amounts of negative attributes that students may develop while in the school system and it is important to recognize that in some situations, it is deemed as a disability that some kids are born with. It is imperative to understand that the treatment for these behaviors varies over a wide range. However, prescription medication should come as the last way to solve this menace. The most important aspect is for the school counselor to understand reasons the student behaves in a particular nature and what are the present optimal means for the resolution of the problem. One of th e best ways to resolve this problem is through the application of cognitive counseling where the school counselor has the student undergoing various general tests to identify the cause of the disability and figure out how to assist the student to deal with it effectively (Jackson, 2012). In the school environment, it is important to understand that the counselor uses various means to understand the thinking of a student and it is also important to understand that most students are shy and thus do not associate well with teachers in order to improve their learning. It is vital to go through an example whereby in this case there is the school counselor, Richard having an interaction with a troubled student who has mental disability. The student does not perform well in class and is also poor in socializing. In the year 2002, the ASCA released a model framework for school programs such as the school disability act to ensure that school counselors do their best in counseling. Under FERP A, the US Department of Education also released regulations that are important for protecting the students’ confidentiality (FERPA, 2011). The manner in which the framework would work is by ensuring the presence of award ceremonies that would offer gifts and acknowledgements to institutions that had the highest number of positive resolved cases with regard to assisting students with disabilities. This is one way through which ASCA has assisted in dealing with disabilities through school counselors (Stone, 2009) Credibility is alleged by the student through the counselor's ability to be well informed about what the client or patient is facing, and by their enthusiasm to tell their knowledge and information to the patient or client. School counselors employ various mechanisms to deal with disability in the school system. One is reliability. Regardless of the type of disability that a student has, the school counselor has the responsibility of showing reliability through compass ion to the disabled students and acting in a dependable manner towards them. This consideration should be made for all children, including those with disabilities and whose parents have concerns that are unique to their disabilities (Taub, 2006). There is the counselor's motivation and objectives. The student counselor should ensure that he sets out his objectives and